Thursday, 13 November 2008

Hospital Squatters!

Well, off Nathaniel and I went to the doctor's yesterday afternoon. His temp was really high, he had got very poorly very quickly. Luckily the girls had gone home from school with Claire (thanks pal) and I had picked Simon up early from work. Off the three of us went to the hospital. He was unresponsive by the time we got there, his poor little body was just too hot! Lots of paracetamol and ibuprofen, an inhaler and a chest x-ray. They sent us home late last night. He is a little better but am having to watch him when he's asleep as he is struggling to breathe and I am making sure that the paracetamol doesn't wear off so his temperature stays manageable.

He has snoozed after his inhaler this morning so I managed to put the ribbons in the tags on these little fellows that I made on Monday night;

I was requested to make eight for a customer but she couldn't decide what sort of paper she'd like them in so I made a batch out of all the suitable papers I had. There are some more cut out ready to stick together (when I get time), I figure she can choose the ones she wants and I'll take the others to the fair with me; "Would you like a gift box for your clips/brooch/little bottle of.../tree decoration madam?!" What do you think?

Going to make a cup of tea and see if I can knit a few more pink flowers for hair thingies before he wakes up and I am attached to my poor limpet boy for the rest of the day!

Daisie xxx


Pixiedust said...

Hi Daisie. You must be worried sick about your little man, hope he's better soon. My friends little boy was in hospital overnight a couple of weeks ago with exactly the same, but he's fine now, he's the same age as your littleun too. ((((((hugs)))))

The boxes and tags look great by the way. xxxx

Lottie said...

oooh, I love love love the boxes...the are very pretty =)
I do hope Nathaniel feels better soon. We're not so well over here at the moment.

Apple Valley said...

Aww poor little Nathaniel, hope he is better soon.

I love your gift boxes.

twiggypeasticks said...

Poor baby and poor you, I do hope he's soon on the mend. Had to take wee Twiglet to the doctors today and he has a chest infection :( isn't it rubbish. Your bags are lovely and I'd definitely offer them as an add on sale - ooh check me out Twiggy Queen of Shops :)
Take care
Twiggy x

jennyflower said...

Poo! Poor little man, hope he's on the mend today, best wishes. xxxx