Monday, 3 November 2008

A Belated Birthday

!!Happy First Birthday Li-Bau!!

A very happy first birthday (yesterday, sorry) to Nathaniel's bestest friend in the whole wide world! Li-Bau;

We all had a wonderful time at his party yesterday and he (and his Daddy) really liked his mini golf clubs, especially the little club warmers I knitted;

There was so much food that we were invited back today to finish them for lunch. Nathaniel sat in a big boy's chair next to Francesca;

And Elizabeth and Kae-Lei filled the other side of the table;

And I must say that the food was as good as it was yesterday (if not better)!

The children and I were out far too early this morning shopping for bulldog clips (am taking on a quick project) and some large paper clips. I have made some ice skate boots to mount on cards but wanted to do some in felt to hang on Christmas trees. These clips are 7.5cm in length and I got to sew some this afternoon while drinking tea;

At Claire's suggestion I am going to re-do the boot with the shorter row of laces, they look much better when the laces start nearer the toe.

I also managed to get some more mini hot water bottles so will be able to take orders at the fair after all!!

I need to go now and find some school uniform to iron for tomorrow and dig out clean PE kits, can't quite believe that the holidays are over already :-(

May be back later with some fancy bulldog clips....

Daisie xxx


Tip Top said...

Glad you liked the clip idea!!

jennyflower said...

Good work busy bee! Now Staples bestest customer?

sue said...

Oww, Ive only just come accross your very lovely blog and had to say just how fab it is :)
You are a very clever mummy!

sue x