Thursday, 6 November 2008

Lots of Coffee and Tea

I have made absolutely nothing today (I am screaming on the inside) but have been pampered beyond belief.

After the school drop I went to visit my lovely pal Caroline who made me drink coffee and chat, which was very nice indeed!

Then I went to see Swirly to drop off the beautiful pink presnet I wrapped yesterday and some rather nifty (even if I do say so myself) button drawing pins. She treated me to tea and a sandwich, very nice indeed!

Then came the food shop, not so great as I haven't made a menu plan for the coming week so am left with the feeling that I have forgotten something and may have to do another big shop before the week is out but my brain is full of carft fairs and panic so I think I can forgive myself this once.

Home to put away shopping, let Nathaniel have a sleep and check email, oh and drink more tea!

Off to school but only collected Francesca as Elizabeth stays for a dance class. Quick cup of tea at Claire's (yes my bladder will be the size of a football before the night is over) while indulging my middle daughter's fantasy of being an only child. Very nice indeed!

Back to school and here I am writing a quick post while the potatoes bake in the oven for tea.

One good bit of craft fair stuff happened today though with the arrival of my card stand;

I was beginning to think it wasn't going to get here in time, phew!

Anyway, the salad and the tuna mayo won't make itself and the children are starving...

Daisie xxx


Jude said...

Take a deep breath, it'll all be fine tomorrow, you've worked so hard, so just enjoy! Don't forget pics for the blog, wish I could come.Take care

Jude said...

oops, forgot,don't forget to slap a smile on, whatever happens!!

Scary Mommy said...

Ohhhh, good luck- you'll be a huge hit!!! :)