Sunday, 30 November 2008

My 'Island' Stall

I was very cheeky and rang a school just over the road from us (posh private one so not one we attend) who were hosting a craft fair yesterday, they said yes, They'd love me to come.

Off we set (not so early as we didn't have far to travel), Elizabeth, her friend Myah, Francesca and I with the car packed full of my goodies. It was obvious when we arrived that my stall had been added as an extra as had two others and we were all squashed together in the middle of the hall. I panicked somewhat as I have always had a clear front and back to my stalls in the past. After an initial heart pounding, palm sweating oh my godding I decided that the fancy half of my cloth should face the door and the rest we'd just make up as we went along!

Here's the front;

Here's the back;

Here's the end (that people kept squeezing past and knocking things off);

I usually have my 'little bottles of' hanging from a washing line between the two bead boards but thought rather than have nasty brown backs showing everywhere I'd pin (with my fancy button thumb tacs) the bottles to the back of the boards. I put some cards along the bottom too just to make it look like I knew what I was doing and was completely prepared!

And here is the last picture we took before the camera battery died (typical), the girls had spent ages arranging my tree hanger thingies;

There were lots of other things going on too and the girls went off and decorated china mugs (pics will follow when battery recharged) and made gingerbread men (no pics of these as they didn't last long)!!

The fair was only three hours and the organisers just wanted 10% of any takings. The stall next to me (£50 handbags, £25 scarves etc) took over £300 so they paid more than I did, very fair me thinks! I sold three brooches, lots of tree hangers and some hair clips, some note cards and other bits and pieces. A very good day indeed, I will be going again me thinks!

Daisie xxx


Jude said...

Well done, I'm glad you're sticking at it.
It's fun looking at all the other stalls too.

Pixiedust said...

Well done, I'm glad it was a good fair. xxx Pixie xxx

jennyflower said...

Well done you! Your cloth is stunning and the sall looks great. I may adopt the 10% rule for 'my' fair.

Tip Top said...

Wow!! And it makes it even better that you didn't have far to travel!

Jackie said...

Glad you had a good fair and sold some stuff without too much hassle.

Sharon said...

Well done! The stall looked fab!!