Tuesday, 4 November 2008

What Do You Get......

...................when you combine the generosity and knowledge of two bloggy pals and some vintage buttons from France and some HUGE (no, really, HUGE) bulldog clips and some old fashioned thumbtacs (that I might just add are near impossible to buy) and some beautiful handmade paper and unnatural creative genius (you can stop laughing now, I was only joking)?

You get beautiful pins for putting notices (or infact anything) on cork boards and amazing price display stands! That's what!

Firstly take some oldie worldie drawing pins (thimbtacs) the brass ones with flattish tops, not rubbishy plastic ones. Find your stash of buttons, waste several hours looking at them all and trying to decide which ones will look best, realise there are only so many hours in the day and grab a random handful, using your Bostick (and, of course, in true BBC style: Other adhesives are available) glue one to the other. I don't think it matters how but I found it easiest by sticking the pin into the board and gluing the button on so it could sit flat while it dried. Some look slightly wonky and I'm not sure how well they'll withstand use, may have to adjust glue type, button size, not sure really, watch this space.........

But am very pleased with how they turned out;

They will add to the beautiful handmade look of my stall (well, that's the plan)!

Now my friend Ruth pointed me in the direction of this when I asked her if she could cut Bookatrix stands (she can't but these are much better)! Thanks Ruth!

Glued on handmade paper off cuts, scrappy bits of ribbon, no good for anything else, and a random button or two and I think you'll agree that they look rather splendid!?

I have printed off clear prices for all my goodies and mounted them onto brown card;

I am looking forward to placing these in and around my stuff.
Off now to iron before school pick up, yawn!
Daisie xxx


Tip Top said...

Who-hooo!! I think I might even give it a go myself if I do any more fairs next year!

Julie said...

HI Daisie, your stall is going to look really cool, I love those bulldog clips and the button drawing pins...genious!! May have to do some for T's room now, thanks for the idea. J X

Pixiedust said...

What brilliant ideas daisie, I would never have thought of them, off to buy some bull dog clips now. xxxx

twiggypeasticks said...

Your stall will look great. Can't wait to hear how it goes, I'd love to do it too but I'm 1.too lazy to make lots of stock, 2. a big chicken, 3. too lazy to make lots of stock :) Love the buttony, bull dog clip doo dahs.
Twiggy x

jennyflower said...

The pins are even cuter in the flesh! Thank you very, very much