Monday, 10 November 2008

I Hate Super Glue!

We had a wonderful day yesterday, the children and I went to the seaside shopping for pyjamas (they are having a massive pyjama party at school on Friday in aid of children in need) and after what was a lovely start to the day the howling wind and driving rain started and we were driven inside to eat our sausage roll lunch, no pier this time :-(

We had a great time though and bought lots of goodies (oops, there goes Saturday's profits). I missed them so much on Saturday.

And to get back to the bloody super glue......... I have been making these;

And these;

I glued a yellow flower onto a green (school) hair clip and added an orange button to the centre and wore it to the fair, not quite a daisy but can you see where I was going....? It got lots of nice comments so last night I knitted a few flowers and then have spent ages gluing them to various parts of my body and the dining room table! Hurrah! Success?! I am thinking these are quite cute and may be good sellers for Christmas stocking fillers?

The lamb is cooking slowly with some onion and parsnip in the oven and the house is tidy(ish) so am just going to give my son a big cuddle (and try to pick some glue off my fingers) before we set off to school.

Sticky, Daisie xxx


nocton4 said...

good luck with the glue, it gets everywhere doesn't it ??
lovely photos

Swirlyarts said...

I'm only allowed the super glue with the little brush after I knocked lots over my hand and had to spend an hour and half getting it off!

Pixiedust said...

lovely hair clips daisie, would make great stocking fillers. Good luck with the glue, I managed to superglue my fingers together the other week, and sat for ages with them in nail varnish remover.

twiggypeasticks said...

Blimmin superglue, I once had to pick some off my fingers for a week and it flippin hurt. I love the flowery hair bobbles, so pretty.
And although you didn't make a mint at the craft fair, good on ya for doing it.
Twiggy x

Tip Top said...

Ah, did you not know that dirty glue fingers is the new in thing?? I look like a weird smoker most of the time with black fingers!!