Thursday, 4 August 2011

Sketchbook Update

Pictures wrong way round again, need to have a play when I get some time as it's infuriating me now!! I must also apologise for the two pictures of my clingfilm wrapped pages, they were pretty but not so sure you needed to see them twice!!

Anyhoo, I was pleased with how the boys looked and wanted to extend the images to make them actually kiss. I drew Nathaniel again and again removing detail each time, it became like a visual echo. My plan was to do the same with Sebastian but I thought it would make the page look busy and spoil the effect I had already achieved.

I then mixed some children's add-water-paint-block in a luverly shade of purple and painted his full face, I then mixed in a little white each time to lighten the colour on each of his echo phases (that sounds a bit poncey but my words are not working well this morning). I painted the girls too, adding some magenta to the mix for Francecsa and a little blue for Elizabeth; that picture has disappeared all together!!

We haven't had a go at printing yet, am trying to think of something other than a potato to print with.......? And we are once again packing our life into boxes and retreating to part of the house while the last section of the house is demolished and rebuilt by Simon. I'll explain more in another post......

Oh, and one question, where has the sunshine gone? Have you got it? Want to share??

Daisie xxx


Becks said...

That is such a lovely image.

Little Blue Mouse said...

It looks great.

The Sun's not here either!

Twiggy said...

Very cute. My sketchbook arrived today. I am one excited Twiggy !!
Twiggy x

Gina said...

You are making such a lovely personal sketchbook.