Sunday, 31 July 2011

Sketchbook Challenge #1

Blogger being difficult again, not sure why it doesn't like me at the moment so the pics are out of order yet again :(

I have bought myself a new sketchbook that has a deep purple cover with the image of a tree on it, will see if I can get a good pic at some point but it's not really about the cover. Purple is my chosen colour (suprise, suprise)! I don't have a supply of good arty materials but we do have an endless supply of felt pens, crayons, and coloured pencils (see above) so am going to work with what I have and see what happens......

These were the things I used last night for my first pages;

A ranekin of luke warm water, a decorating brush and some free-with-a-magazine Barbie paints.

I brushed away on the page and covered it in clingfilm before bed;

I did some scribbling on the first page so I'd have a double page spread for each inspiration from Gina;

When I read what the title was to be for this year's challenge I instantly thought of the children. They are my home. I love our little house and little garden and all the things we have collected together over the years but it all amounts to nothing without them. We could live in a one room flat or a cardboard box and they would make me happy. It may just be a bit ambitious but we'll see.....

The first inspiration was to look at outlines so I trawled through the photos and found one of each of the children in profile and printed them out in monochrome;

I then did some jiggery pokery with some greaseproof paper from the kitchen drawer;

And then some more jiggery pokery to transfer the images into the sketchbook on my beautiful (if a little pink) rippled surface;

I love the page with the boys, they look like they are getting ready to kiss each other.

Here is my book with the clingfilm in place;

The children's images still need some work, I'm going to improve the image with some purple ink pens and maybe do some shading with chalks.

Watch this space......

Daisie xxx

PS: Please excuse the rather tired looking ironing board cover but it was in a good light spot in front of the window!


Becks said...

Oh they are amazing sketches, I didn't realise you were so versatile. Now I knew you were a knitty queen but artistic too?

Daisie said...

Thanks for that Becks but it's not arty, it's just fancy tracing :) x

Twiggy said...

Ha ha I did tell Twiglet to mention the Harrods bag and the fact that we negotiated with the bloke to get it all for a tenner. We'll be turning up on Car Booty on the telly next :)
Lovely drawings, we've been using greaseproof paper to trace pictures of Yoda today, your pics are much prettier :)
Twigy x

Bagladee said...

Looking fantastic Alex. Lovely. x

Gina said...

Fantastic! This is what this challenge is all about - using what you have to hand and working on a subject close to home in a way you feel comfortable. The sketch of the two boys is my favourite too!