Saturday, 30 July 2011

A Busy Week

Blogger is being very difficult tonight and I am too tired to think of a way to get it to behave so my pictures are all over the place!

It has been a hot sunny week, the first of the long summer break :)

It started by dismantling Francesca's bedroom, disposing of lots of crap, and getting ready to paint. The girls have moved back in together, for reasons that will become clear, and they had to choose a colour for the walls (Elizabeth refused to sleep in a pink bedroom). Initially they said black, I said no but somehow they managed to bamboozle their Daddy and have ended up with a black bedroom (I was never allowed a black bedroom and am quite bitter, I'd like to say I'm joking but I'm not!). But see how happy it made them (picture above).

The reason for the girls being together again is that young Mr Sebastian has grown enough to be in his big bed *sob* Nathaniel is so big and grown up he is now sleeping near the sky (his words).

Here they are on their first night;

So small and beautiful.

It truly is the end of an era. I have had a child in my bed, in a cot at the end of my bed or in my belly for most of the last ten years, it's very strange to be just Simon and I again. Seb is not sleeping well, the others took the transition in their stride and we'd cracked going to bed on their own in just a few weeks but I feel this may take some time. He is like no child I have ever had before. He is soooooo stubborn. I have no idea where he gets it from. Simon and I give in all the time, always take the path of least resistence, anything for an easy, harmonious life. Pick your battles wisely they say and I do!! I haven't had chance to miss him much as have been in and out all night long since he moved but it'll soon settle and I won't have his cheek pressed against mine as I drift off or his sweet breath in my face or his hot little body pressed against mine like a limpet.

Now you can see just how naughty blogger is being. Back to the girls room....

We kept the hot pink accessories that were Francesca's and I think it looks fab. They have black and white floral bedding and hot pink sheets, black rugs and fluffy hot pink cushions. This is a terrible pic taken at bedtime but you can sort of see how nice the chandelier looks against the black;

And then after a week of mess my baby brother got married yesterday!

We trooped off on foot to the church in our finery;

The children were fabulously well behaved during the long catholic ceremony (Seb went out for a run around with Simon for just the last fifteen minutes after an impromtu rendition of 'row your boat' threatened to spoil the vows) and they were the most beautiful children there (even if I do say so myself);

Nick and his new wife, Kirstin, my two sisters and all my babies;

Me, my little brother Nick, my sisters, Naomi and Charlotte;

We stood in numerical order, me being the oldest but someone *ahem* Charlotte commented that I should be at the other end if we were in size order! It's a constant joke at family gatherings that I am the little big sister!!

Again, bloody blogger, grrrr!

I tried, as usual, to get a shot of all my babies together before we left home, this was the best I could manage;

Oh dear me!

I have bitten the bullet and have decided that I will join in with Gina and Mrs Moog and take part in the sketchbook challenge. I bought myself a new book today especially, and some new pencils!! Hopefully I'll be back tomorrow (or the day after) with a progress report.......

Daisie xxx


Swirlyarts said...

I thought you had painted the girls room with blackboard paint - that would have been cool :)

Gina said...

I can't believe how grown up your girls look in all their wedding finery! I love their room - very sophisticated. Look forward to seeing your sketchbook!

Little Blue Mouse said...

I had to laugh at you not being allowed a black bedroom, and also the last photo!

Is your husband staring a new trend for fascinators for men?

Little Blue Mouse said...

Ooh, forgot to say I love your hair!