Sunday, 14 August 2011

All the rubble has gone!! Ceiling, walls, assorted stuff, all carried out of the house and into a big skip. The lead and copper piping has been removed by FIL to be weighed in for scrap. The plasterboard and battoning has arrived to build the new walls. The chimney has been dug out. I have vacced and mopped about a bazillion times which has enabled us to get the table up;

And allowed room for dancing after tea;

But the feet are still dirty;

I'll be mopping a bit more today and pulling nails from the ceiling joists and later this evening I'll be picking a winner for my giveaway.

Daisie xxx


Bagladee said...

Wow its looking great Alex!! Loving all the photos, thanks for showing us the process, cant wait to see the full transformation at the end.
Em xx

Twiggy said...

Ha ha my feet ALWAYS look like that :)
Your building work is coming on nicely, will you come and decorate our house next please?
twiggy x

smilernpb said...

It's looking good - you are making good progress! Can't wait to see the finished pics xx

Little Blue Mouse said...

Wow, it's coming along in leaps and bounds! I'm glad you've got your table back.