Wednesday, 10 August 2011

601!! A Little Giveaway

Ooooh, it was the 600th post last time and I've only just realised, how rubbish am I??! If you leave me a comment on this post I will pick a winner some time this weekend and send you some rubble!! Well, not rubble but I haven't decided what yet. It'll be a suprise!!

Yesterday was beautifully sunny so me and the small people set off to the park to meet some chums, have a picnic and play some ball. Sebastian walked lots but really didn't like any of the four legged friends we saw, he leapt into Elizabeth's arms at the sight of a furry tail;

Francesca found the tiniest acorn I have ever seen;

And we saw the oldest tree in Burnley, I'll tell you the story another time;

We had a great time and I'm so glad I decided to escape as today is really rainy and grey (again) but no matter as I'm at work today. Simon demolished alot more of the chimney breast and has dropped something on his foot, I fear he has broken a toe so a day for me to be in work couldn't have been better timed. They are off to get Elizabeth her birthday present and then I suspect they'll make popcorn and have a lazy afternoon with a movie in my bed (as long as there's no crumbs!!).

Daisie x


smilernpb said...

Bronte does not like dogs either however she shouts 'YUKKY DOGGY' at them! And then hides. lol

That really is the tiniest acorn I've ever seen! :o)

Congratulations on 600 posts.


Little Blue Mouse said...

Wow, how small is that acorn?!

Twiggy said...

Only 600 posts - you chatterbox !!
We went to the park yesterday too, good fun, we played conker football and hide and seek and rolled down a few hills, I'm getting too old for that lark really.
Teeny acorn!!
Twiggy x

BabbityBee said...

You will have to keep us informed as to what happened to the tiny acorn! Did you plant it?
I have just had a tree planted in the Amazon Rain Forest for my children. There is a conservation company out there planting tiny new trees. They have planted my tree and sent me photos of it complete with it's pretty little tag 'A Mother's Love...for my children Rhys, Callum, Ceiran, Connor, Bethany and Jessica, Like this tree, my love for you will only grow and grow'. I also got a certificate sent and I can log on to their website to see videos and updated photos of our tree! I think it is a lovely gift! Seeing the little acorn you found just made me think about it!