Monday, 8 August 2011

Dust And Stuff

Even though I have duct taped the doors to within an inch of their lives;

The dust is still billowing through;

Only the walls down so far, I think it'll be a lot dirtier tomorrow when the ceiling comes down!!

The highlight of the walls coming off was finding this amazing bit of wall paper around the fireplace;

The low point was when it was revealed that there was no pretty arch in this room like in the frontroom;

Gutted doesn't do it justice!! I was so disappointed it ruined my whole day :(

Simon and his genius brain (the size of a small planet) has come up with a brilliant solution that has made me smile from ear to ear since he told me this afternoon, it's better than a pretty arch!! I'm not going to say anymore about that now and wait until it's done for a grand reveal!!

I have managed to take two nice picture of all the children together, now pick yourself up from the floor and look: on the window sill before we taped Daddy in;

And tonight eating tea on my bed;

Not a great place to eat steak pie, new potatoes, peas and carrots but needs must. The first evening was lovely and warm, Simon and Nathaniel had gone to Manchester to see the football, the rest of us sat in the garden and ate McMummy's and played hopscotch until bedtime. The second evening it was a bit dull and grey but dry, we donned cardigans and ate meatballs and spaghetti with spicy sauce. Since then it has rained and rained and rained. We are living upstairs. I leave the front of the house in the morning in my pyjamas and wellies and troop round the back to the kitchen and come back later with coffee and breakfast.

It's a glamorous life we lead!!

Daisie xxx

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Little Blue Mouse said...

The children seem to be taking it in their stride. Are they enjoying the novelty of it or moaning?