Monday, 15 August 2011

Big Boys And Pizza Packaging (Sketchbook Challenge)

After the disaster that was potato printing I have been keeping my eyes out for other print block making materials. I have even eyed up lino blocks and cutting tools online, I used to love lino printing at school, the danger of the sharp little diggy-outy tool and the fact that it never quite cut how you planned but looked cool anyway. I think I may invest in some bits for Christmas card making...... a plan is forming.....

Anyway, with eating in the bedroom we have gone for things that make little mess that can be eaten with fingers and kitchen roll. The other night the children had pizza and salad. I folded the bases in half to a satisfying pop as they snapped and then thought, oh, I wonder;

They were big enough for me to draw my images on with the wrong end of a paint brush;

I covered them in some whispers ink from my stash and printed away;

I quite like the look, I think that the base was a bit soft and flimsy and the ink didn't cover as well as it should but I like the textured look of the prints.

I also managed to enlarge the images of my boys;

Something went wrong with Sebastian's lip, don't know what happened, I redrew it a few times, went back to my tracing and checked the small squares, went back to my original image to double double check. It seems he was pouting all along but I didn't notice until he was 'big'.

I mixed some water colours and made two new shades (tints?) of purple and mixed some grey tones for their background;

Simon is back at work today so the renovations will slow down now, we're going to do some washing, do a food shop, see if a friend's in for a play and get back to 'ordinary' life.

What are you doing today??

Daisie xxx


Gina said...

The prints have turned out really well. I love how your sketchbook is developing. Francesca's gloves looked very coll on your last post!

Swirlyarts said...

Oh I love the pizza base prints - good idea :)

Little Blue Mouse said...

What a great idea using the pizza base, it's come out really well.

Two Owls said...

Pizza base prints look great! I love lino printing - tempted to give this a try now. They do kids lino printing workshops at the Whitworth Art Gallery in Manchester every now and again at weekends/hols.