Monday, 8 August 2011

Sketchbook Challenge #2 (Well, #3 Really)

Well the printing was a disaster, either it was the potatoes I was using, the ink or paints I was using, the papers I was using or just me. It didn't work one little bit. I was most disappointed as I spent ages chopping with my very tiny very sharp knife. When I have an idea of what else I could use around the house to cut a printable image with I'll come back to it.

The enlarging was fun, I did as Gina suggested and used L frames rather than a window;

I focused on the front of the children's faces;

I have, so far only enlarged the girls;

Mainly because I used L frames my windows were a little wonky and weren't a regular number of any measurement (metric or not) and it made my brain ache to enlarge the squares when I had divided them up!! There are lots of other factors that have made my brain ache this week but I'll come back to that later!!

I used a pink/purple again for Francesca as she is a bit of a pink princess on the sly;

And added some blue to the mix with some white (sorry to have called this a shade last time Gina, I have read your teaching words and now know that adding white is a tint and adding black is a shade!) for a more blue/purple look;

I am really rather proud of myself and think they look fabulous *blowing own trumpet* and will do the boys as soon as my brain recovers!!

Daisie xxx


Gina said...

The enlarged pictures look amazing - no wonder you feel pleased

Twiggy said...

Well done, I think the black background makes them even more striking - do I sound like an arty ponce yet :)
Twiggy x