Thursday, 22 January 2009

Still Sick...

....and still unable to come up with good post titles :-(

Francesca at home again today but is much better and has managed to eat and not be sick, whey-hey!! Nathaniel is eating and chucking up at a mighty rate and I will be back at the doctors again tomorrow for a second opinion!!

We had an unannounced visit from a lady from FLOW (family learning something or other, wasn't really listening) that has been given money to visit children in the north of England and give them stuff to improve academic ability on entrance to primary school. Sorry, bored myself then too!! She was preaching to the converted through all the blurb; playgroups, good routine, good diet, mixing with others etc etc. All the things I usually do (and have been doing for years). But Lisa was very nice and chatty and cheered me up in the middle of a bad day full of sick! She also gave Nathaniel a huge bag of goodies (for free!!!!), some books, a jigsaw, some crayons, a drum and a maraca all in a lovely jute bag just like the ones the girls have reading books in for school, he was dead impressed, me too!! Thanks Lisa x

I did manage to do a few more cards for the box :-D;

Francesca is much in love with this one but I think it would look so much better with the 'princess' on some mirror board (it's on my shopping list);

Don't forget to leave a comment on the giveaway post, will be mixing names on Saturday morning!!

Daisie xxx

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jennyflower said...

Your cards are just gorgeous. Aren't die-cutters the best? More get well love, coming your way! xx