Sunday, 11 January 2009

My New Toy

Firstly a quick snap of how I spent my day on thursday;

Kae-Lei and Elizabeth are in the picture with me, Nathaniel and Li-Bau are in the pram. After dropping the girls off at school (Francesca was there somewhere, probably hiding behind Claire to make sure she took a good pic) I took the boys into town to do a little shopping and also to allow them to have a little snooze. My tummy muscles and bisceps were really sore by the end of the day. It is a borrowed pram so I'm not used to it anyway and the handle is quite low and with two big boys snuggled inside it gave me a really good workout!!

Now this little Christmas present didn't arrive until well after the day as I had planned to put some extra money with the vouchers that my parents gave me for christmas but the big shot was way too expensive at hobbyvraft :-( when I left I was a bit disheartened but said I'd get some more vouchers for my birthday. Anyhoo, Simon, the techi nerd that he is spend an age surfing the interweb and found one for £50. So that was his Christmas/birthday present to me. Back I went to hobbycraft to buy some dies with my vouchers, got a brilliant alphabet and some other bits and pieces. I just need a silicone mat for texturising, can't get one anywhere!! Then later, while I am sitting on the floor spinning my little handle, Simon found this amazing site. If you have a sizix of any knid go have a look, you'll be pleasantly surprised at the prices!!

Here's my little (big) beauty;

I am mostly really loving the bigz 'flower' die;

I have cut some in black and blood red too for valentine's cards. The light is really crap but will hopefully get some good pics tomorrow.

Seems I'm running in second place in the folksy comp :-( maybe there are more of you yet to vote? Hint, hint!! There's still time, voting open until midnight tonight!

Daisie xxx


Swirlyarts said...

Cool!! Yours is pink! I didn't realise they did them in other colours :)

Apple Valley said...

I got one of these for christmas and then went to hobbycraft to spend a fortune on dies!! but i'm gonna check out the link you have given for some great prices.

Have fun with your toy!

Tip Top said...

OOhh! I have the original red machine and a lot of dies so before it you will be buying more!!