Friday, 16 January 2009


I am so sorry to have neglected my blog so much this week but I feel like a dog chasing it's tail or like I said the other night running up a sand dune and not getting anywhere near the top!

I have started a first aid course on monday mornings, haven't done one since I was pregnant with Elizabeth but haven't been back to work so it has mattered little until now. I need it if I am going to be working with new mums in their homes and at various children's centres. Nathaniel went into the creche for two and a half hours and mostly cried. I felt awful :-( To be honest I didn't think he would mind so much as the building and staff are familair (we are there several times during the week for different things). He wasn't inconsoleable though and it is the first time he has been left, other than at home with Daddy. Can't wait to see what he's like next monday?!

Tuesday sees the regular playgroup I have been attending weekly since Elizabeth was baby. I am a very old hand!!

Wednesday sees Boobie Club and we were a little busier this week although not as busy as we would like! Followed by Tiny Trumpets (a local performer who comes and does song and dance and brings lots of yummy child sized instruments) for an hour.

Thursday I avoided playgroups as I went to see my poorly Dad and it was really nice to sit and chat and drink tea and not have to do anything at all. He was glad of the company and I was glad of the rest!!

Friday (today) we go to our local Tumble Tots group and Nathaniel has a wonderful time climbing on things and generally being a 'boy'.

I like to be busy with him as it won't be very long beofre he's at nursery and school :-( time goes by too quickly!

But in amongst the self improvement and childcare are also the laundry and cooking and cleaning and reading books and spelling tests and this week I am so tired and seem to have little time to myself. Shouldn't complain really but there you go!

Yesterday saw the first crafting for an age!! Nathaniel woke from his nap in the foulest of moods and I really wanted to try running some flet through my bighsot. So I sat him on the floor next to me expecting him to continue in his crankiness but he found some scrap paper, shoved it into the machine (no plates or anything) and cranked the handle and laughed. I showed him how to layer all the pieces and he found me bits of felt and helped for about an hour. He had great fun when I got the buttons out too.

We created some felt flower cards;

They have ribbon stems and button centres. I really like them. I have some more flowers cut but they need buttons finding to match. I am waiting for some time and some light so I can stick some in my folksy shop. Think they'd be great for valentine's, mother's day or a spring birthday!

And I really need to find some time to knit. I am knitting a scarf in a really easy 'waffle' pattern in a beautiful russet toned yarn and my plan was to finish it and then start a beret (I have found a pattern for one on two needles!) to match. I think I had this notion some time before christmas........

Daisie xxx


MollyandIzzie said...

You sound like you've had quite a week! The felt flower cards are super! I hope your Dad's ok, i need to get over there sometime next week because i have some lovely old photos that he wanted.

Thanks for telling me about my blog ommission too - i'd forget my head if people didn't keep me in check! You were doing me a favour. hehe

x x x

Pixiedust said...

Love the cards daisie, they are so pretty. No wonder your tired what a hectic week. xx

Sweet Mess said...

Your schedule is pretty intense! I am glad you found some time to craft though, the cards look great. Hmmmm...I just realized that you tagged me a couple of posts ago. Sorry! I should go do that...
I hope you have a relaxing, fun weekend!

Tip Top said...

I just say sod the housework. And I say it on a regular basis!!

Like the flowers!

Hannah said...

I hope your energy levels rise soon!
Congrats on winning the conests too :)

kleinzonnetje said...

Hi Dasie - thought I'd say 'hello' back! My husband said "No more" after number two - and we ended up with 4!