Tuesday, 27 January 2009

HELP! I'm Being Kissed To Death!!

Well, that's what he would be saying if he wasn't laughing so much!!

Tonight I am mostly sewing little felt purses;

I delivered my first box of Daisie Goodies to the gift shop today and they were received with much gushing and huge appreciation. I left very happy and I think my head may have been slightly larger?! Pam has obviously been watching my work for a while as she asked me if I could make her some felt purses. I have said I'll make a dozen and she also wants a dozen tote/shopping bags too! I am going to be a busy bee!

I also have a birthday project and a mug swap to complete before the end of the week, argh!

Daisie xxx


Lucy Locket-Pocket said...

That photo is fab! And your felt purses are looking great too! Lucy x

Pixiedust said...

My goodies arrived today Daisie, Thanks sooooo much, your very clever. I put a pic of them all on my blog. (((((hugs)))) Pixie