Thursday, 29 January 2009

Ooooh, I Love A Postman!!

Hello, I was alarmed by loud knock on the door this morning whilst peeing, luckily Simon hadn't yet left for work so went to investigate.

He came back with a big padded envelope with this on the back;

Some sneaky love from folksy *blush*

Within were this amazing (yes, I squealed and jumped up and down on discovering) folksy ruler;

The excitement of the ruler did over shadow this very prettily wrapped present (paper now trimmed and flat in the cupboard waiting to be reused);

But was still excited to finds this lovely book, shame I don't crochet though :-(

Oh, that sounded really spoilt, I'm not really, I will find time to sit in front of YouTube at some point and teach myself to crochet, promise!

Thanks Folksy and thanks Laura at Robson and Mason for choosing my breast!!

Daisie xxx


Anonymous said...

ooh what a lovely parcel! is the book good - does it have any nice baby boy stuff in? hope you're all keeping well. Stella and brood xx

Sharon said...

Welcome to the Folksy winner gang!!
The rulers are so cool aren't they!

JuliaB said...

goodness! i just followed your link and saw your breast (agree with jennyflower), but can't beleive that Facebook can remove peoples pictures like that ESPECIALLY when I have seen some very obscene profile pics which had nothing to do with feeding babies - or boobs for that matter. But their faces dont seem bovvered by that!! xx