Friday, 2 January 2009

The First Custom Order For 2009!!

Yesterday saw a lovely chilly walk through the park;

Francesca managed to trick Simon into a little ride;

Nathaniel had a go too (but he only has little legs);

It was a great opportunity for Elizabeth to keep her neck warm with her new scarf;

Blimey, it's like looking in a mirror!! Very scary indeed, she really is a mini-me!

We had fun searching all the trees for their 'secret' carvings. I really like this chick one;

And I recieved a custom hottie order this morning. And here it is completed and ready for delivery;

The pictures a bit naff, I have been practicing with the 'flower' feature on my camera but think it's the awful light quality that is letting me down at the mo.

I trimmed all the pieces over breakfast this morning as we were off to a play centre this morning with Elizabeth's friend Myah and took them along with my pins, scissors and other sewing treasures in one of the best christmas presents I have ever had. This cute little sewing box;

I saw this when shopping with my friend Claire in the run up to Christmas and said how much I liked it. And there it was on Christmas morning under my tree!!
Here's the inside and you can see the yummy baby boots I made just inside;

And here's hoping for many more orders in the coming year!!

Daisie xxx


Lucy Locket-Pocket said...

Congratulations on your order - what a brilliant way to start the new year! Lucyx

jennyflower said...

She is gorgeous! Well done on the order, great start. I have found that if I wait 'till about 10.30 the light in my kitchen window is just good enough to take a pic without flash. I do end up balancing what I'm taking on a tiny tray and standing on tip-toe though!

Tip Top said...

Well done with the order!! The flower button only works if you are REALLY close up - for 'normal' pics just use the mountain button..... did that make sense?!!

I do like the scarf too - you could get her to do demos at your future fairs!

Hannah said...

Woohoo! brilliant news on the order.:) That scarf is lovely, you have a very clever daughter, I wouldn't have had the patience at her age.

Pixiedust said...

Well done on your first order of 2009, and may there be many more. Love the sewing box, what a great gift. xxx

Jude said...

I still get that and my daughter 32.. .. congrats on first order. Here's hoping it's the first of many, many more.