Saturday, 3 January 2009

Shallow, me?

Just a quick one tonight.

I've been taking down the tree and putting away cards and cleaning surfaces that haven't seen the light of day since the beginning of December! But now the sofa cover has been washed, dried and is back on, the floors have been vacced and mopped I can sleep easy in my bed knowing that I'll be getting up to a lovely shining house in the morning!

I just wanted to share with you all two things that made me smile this week and warmed the cockles of my heart. They sound very silly and shallow but they cheered me up no end!!

Firstly I got a random email from facebook to say that someone had sent me a message (I got myself a facebook page under much pressure from my much younger sister and haven't really looked at it since) so off I went and logged in to see who it was and what they wnated. It was some random guy who had found my page whilst looking for someone else. This is what he said; "You are smoking HOT !!!!! xx" Well! If I could frame it I would!!! *blush* It made me go all girly and giggly!! Simple things make us fat old mothers feel good!

And secondly......... we bought ourselves a Wii last christmas as our 'all family' present and it's brill. This year we got a Wii fit to go with it. Simon, the love has bought me my own 'yoga suit' and some non-slip socks :-) We all piled on (one at a time, they are only small) to be weighed and measured and to take part in silly balance challenges to find out what our fit age is. Simon is old but his Wii age is unbelievable (he did consider taking it back becasue it was faulty). No it wasn't that bad really! The children confused it as it's meant for 'grown-ups' really so just added 20 years to their age. They of course didn't mind in the least. I went on last. It told me I was too fat, this we already knew (although not quite as fat as I had feared). I then went through some terrible balancing tricks that were just tragic and very very hard. I shut my eyes, crossed my fingers and sucked my gut in (like this would make a difference?) while it calculated my fit age. And guess how old I am.........31!! Wooo-hooooooo!!!! This is precisely the age I will be in around three months time! So physically I'm only three months older than my cronological age! Not bad for broken sleep for nearly eight years, several years of nursing night shifts and a bad skin care regime! All that walking to school and running round the park really paid off!!

Can't wait to see how old I am on my birthday after three months of yoga training!

Daisie xxx

Oh, and I almost forgot, Francesca wanted to know what yoga was so I told her very simply that it's a kind of exercise that stretches your muscles and makes them stronger. She looked confused and said; "I thought he was a little green person?" How we laughed! Still bringing a smile to my face!


ethel and edna's tearoom said...

rofl Yoga - May the Force be with you. hahahaha I love kids.
We now have Wii fit too and Evie is addicted, as is my mum. She's been round on the last 2 days on some pretext, but basically to get her Wii fit age. She's 62 and today her Wii age was 31!!!! No doubt she'll be back tomorrow to see if she's got any younger in 24 hours!!
Sorry to be stalking you. I've found you on Twitter and now I'm going hunting on Facebook. lol (can you tell there's nowt on telly?)

Pixiedust said...

Wow a secret

Tip Top said...

Hehehehe!! I dread to think how old it would say I am! But medically (and I have proof) I am very fit and healthy!!

Anonymous said...