Tuesday, 24 November 2009

Knitting And Squealing Show!!

I was up at 5.30am sipping my lemsip and blowing my nose in preparation for such an exciting trip.

I collected Gil and we made good time, jumped the queues as we already had tickets and started a mammoth knitting fest! I managed not to meet anyone from blogland, sadly, but was spotted by many of folks as I ran from one stall to the next squealing "Ooh, look at that!!" It was so brilliant!!

I spotted a knitted boat but feel very bad as I think it was a project from Leeds University but I'm not sure if that's right or if it's something I read somewhere else or just made up (baby brain again), sorry, but it was truely fabulous;

It had it's own knitted ship's cat;

A knitted anchor;

There were many knitted sea creatures; crabs, fish, octopusses but my favourite has to be this seal and her pup;

I bought some of my favourite flowers for a project just for me;

And some yummy yarn just for me too;

I also bought some clothes patterns as I have to make a costume to end all costumes as Elizabeth is The Snow Queen in the Christmas production . She is very excited as she usually ends up with a crappy part. In year one she came home and cried as she had been given the part of a reindeer and, I quote; "It's not fair 'cos I am the best reader". I have huge amounts of flowing white fabric, gems, glitter and not much time but am sure she won't be disappointed with whatever I manage to create for her.

I got lots more little things, things to make gifts with, things to give as gifts and things to admire and stroke in a non-sinister way!

One of the nicest things about the day was watching lots of older, posh looking ladies sitting around on dirty carpets in corridors eating packed lunches like students, it was fabulous, wish I'd had more balls and asked if I could have photographed them!

How was your Sunday?

Daisie xxx

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JuicyFig said...

so sorry I missed you - it was a long day doing the show shuffle and we had left about 10 minues before you sent me a text!

It was fab wasn't it!

Tell Elizabeth she will be fantastic in her play - All my freinds were icicles in our nativity in flowing white sparkly costumes - I was a tree - boring and brown!