Wednesday, 18 November 2009

Harrogate Anyone?

Is no one off for jolly oohing and ahhhing and stash buying in Harrogate?!

Anyhoo, just popped in to show you my hat with it's rosette (yes, Daisie Heights really is that dull at the moment);

Bad pictures again but this time in the kitchen. I've managed to take a picture with no chin, how is that possible?!

I have started knitting another hat for Francesca with some beautiful Juniper yarn today on some lovely new bamboo needles I treated myself to. So smooth and nice to handle and an absolute baragin too.

And just to prove that I am not the only person in our house unable to take their own picture;

Although I think Nathaniel looks quite cheeky in this shot!

Daisie xxx


Wendy said...

Hello Daisie, Yes, I am going to Harrogate, and as I haven't been to this show before I am wondering what to expect???? Will you be wearing that gorgeous hat???, then I would recognise you and say hello!!! Hope that I can stop myself from buying too much,I already have a huge stash but cannot seem to get round to making things these days. I am hoping that the show will inspire me to start again. See you there, best wishes and keep up the blog please.
Wendy Woo xx

Daisie said...

Hi Wendy, In will look forawrd to meeting you, sadly I cannot see your blog through your profile so can't come and 'visit'.
See you Sunday!

WendyCarole said...

missed Harrogate again this year lack of funds.

Hope you had a good time