Tuesday, 17 November 2009

My New Hat!

The girls are much better and have returned to school. They are still coughing on and off but are a million times better than they were this time last week. Nathaniel on the other hand has got worse. Today he seems a little more like himself but for the last three days he has been so hot you could fry eggs on his back and he has been so miserable, falling in and out of fitful sleep. Today he has asked for crackers with cheese and has drunk more than he has been doing so maybe things are on the mend.

Sebastian too is miserable, he has a sticky eye, a snotty nose, and is un-put-downable. Yesterday as Simon was at work, Nathaniel on the sofa crying I had to have him in the sling so I could do the veg for tea and clean the kitchen and just move and use my arms;

I did manage to knit myself a hat because I loved Elizabeth's so much;

Proof, if proof were needed that you just cannot take your own photograph! Please excuse the washing hanging behind me to dry and the loft hatch and the general bad 'styling'!
A bit more proof;

And a bit more;

I can never get the angle right, my nose always looks huge, it is too big for my face (especially my mouth) but not as huge as it appears in these pics. I think I was going for an enigmatic smile but ended up looking wierd. The hat looks good though! Just look at the hat. I am just knitting a rosette to go on the front and then maybe I can find someone to take the picture for me....

Daisie xxx

PS; I will be at the knitting and stitching show in Harrogate on sunday and wondered if anyone from blogland fancied meeting up later in the day and comparing purchases. Juicyfig is meeting up with me and if I like the look of her in real life she may even get a sneaky snuggle with Sebastian! I am very excited and really looking forward to it and very sorry that Jenny won't be able to make it this year :( Let me know if you'll be there, would be lovely to say hi. I will be easy to spot - I'll be the strange looking woman with the big nose wearing a baby and a purple hat!! xxx



Nice hat - and super cute nose - its yours - just love it!
Hope you are all feeling better soon, its miserable for all when tinies are poorley!

Vicky x

Jackie said...

You look beautiful as indeed you are. I know- I've seen you.

Gina said...

I was thinking how gorgeous you looked! Wish I was going to Harrogate!

Bagladee said...

I love your hat Alex! Glad to hear that the girls are feeling better and big bugs to Nathaniel and Sebastian to wish them well.

And hugs to you for being a super Mum!! Em xx

My Passport to Style said...

Hi Daisy, superb hat beautiful babe! Sharon xxoo

jennyflower said...

You are indeed a babe! So poo that I won't be seeing you in Harrogate, do have fun won't you? -Of course you bloomin will! xxx