Tuesday, 10 November 2009

Oh For Goodness Sake!

Blimey, we are ill! My poor daughters especially so. But because they have raised temperatures I cannot take them to see our doctor. We all have a rather nasty bug (to varying degrees) but I think Elizabteh also has a throat infection that would benefit from a course of anti-biotics (much as I dislike the things) but after answering lots of questions we now have a code number for tamiflu. I am not going to bother going to the swine flu tratment desk at the health centre. It's a virus. And just how many times have we been told as mothers of ill children that what they have is a virus and it will go away in 5 to 7 days. And how exactly can a diagnosis of swine flu be made using a tick sheet over the phone/internet?! We are doing the age old thing, lots of warm drinks, regular paracetamol and plenty of snuggles! Elizabeth is coming out the otherside already. I have no doubt that Francesca and Nathaniel will be back to usual by the end of the week too. I am not too concerned for Sebastian as he is getting homemade DaisieDavies antibodies every two hours (or more if he feels like it)! It's no wonder really that the number of cases of swine flu are so high if everyone who has a sore throat or headache is being given tamiflu! Oooooooooh, am ranting now, must stop.

Anyhoo, being stuck at home has enabled me to put some of these fab christmas buttons in my shop;

I have also managed to complete a very special custom order for a very special customer *waves at Laura with a silly grin* when the calpol has been effective and have managed to knit a little and Nathaniel managed to make a wonderful tower before the drugs started to wear off and he had to lay down again;

And I have discovered that it matters not the size of fevered child laying in your lap, you can still sew these;

Yes, I know they don't yet have laces but lets not be too picky!

Hoping you are all well!

Daisie xxx


dottydaisies said...

love the xmas buttons very cute hope you all get better soon x

Bagladee said...

Hope you are all on the mend soon. Big Hugs to you all. xxx

Swirlyarts said...

Feel better soon :)