Thursday, 12 November 2009


The poorliness is slowly lifting, the girls are well enough to argue with each other! Coughs are hacking and noses are running but everything else is now settling down. I on the other hand am feeling worse.

We did some paper craft today and it links in to two posts I have read recently but I'll get to that in a mo.

Firstly I covered some reclaimed embroidery thread boxes to put my recycled wall covering note cards in;

They look really rather good and with two possible craft fairs coming up before Christmas are good to add to my 'stock'.

Amanda posted today about crafting with her children and I have to agree with her, it's not as enjoyable as one might think. I find it easier now they have there own craft 'stash' or I fill a box with select things from my stash that they may share, therefore they don't need to even be near anything I don't want them to touch. I am a bit of a control freak though and find it hard not to completely take over offer advice. I have to admit though that their artistic ability is improving with age.

Then Dottycookie mentioned the rumour in blogland that we edit out all the messy bits. Well, I may try (sometimes) but lets be honest if I edited out all the mess there would be nothing left. See;

This is one of Elizabeth's creations;

This is Francesca's, a kind of summery christmas birthday extravoganza;

Nathaniel went with a green theme;

I did try with some stiff wire and some red buttons to thread them together to make a heart shaped tree decoration but sadly it just didn't work. The wire was too stiff to get through by hand and when I got the wire working tools on it it just broke. So I either need some thinner for fingers or thicker for pliers. Any advice would be lovely.

Nathaniel was truly bemused by my struggling and gathered the disgarded bits and pieces and threaded them all together. It was lovely to watch him concentrate with the snot and dribble rolling down his chin;

It's not quite what I was aiming for but the look of 'this is how you do it' did cheer me up!

Daisie xxx


Gina said...

I think the girls' cards are beautiful and I love the look of concentration as Nathaniel threads the beads!

twiggypeasticks said...

We seem to have been poorly ever since Twiglet started school in September !! Hope you're all soon better. Lovely makes, the Christmas trees are lovely.
Twiggy x

JuicyFig said...

Thanks for the comment! Our house hold is also coughing for england at the moment!
I am at Harrogate on the Sunday as well! we MUST meet up, we are usually there for most of the day!
It would be brilliant if you could make it over to the knit and natter (they are a bit prudish in Whalley - or it would have been stitch and bitch!)
The farmers market is on the same day on the Swan car park - the month after on 13th Dec I have booked a stall on it for anyone who comes along to the knit and natter to sell their crafty goodies if you are interested.