Wednesday, 11 November 2009

Day Four Thousand And Six In The Big Poorly House

Well, only day four but seems much much longer! Everyone slept better last night so that has helped, Francesca mightily cheerful when she got up this morning, or she was until she had to go and be sick. She always manages to get it in the toilet. What a trooper. Ten out of ten for aim!! The coughing seems to have gotten much worse but the temps (of all the three big ones) have been much more managable today and the peaks and troughs that go with paracetamol working and then wearing off have been less traumatic for all concerned.

I have finally managed to knit a successful hat;

I seem to be very bad at hats or else I have just never found a very good pattern. I knitted one for Sebastian before he was bron that looked lovely but it's too short (think I mentioned in an earlier post), I then knitted a bigger size for Nathaniel that came out so big it fits Elizabeth although she doesn't like it so it's waiting to be frogged at some point. I managed to get not a bad one for Francesca but that too is on the short side. I don't think it's just me though as the lovely cotton hat that Jenny knitted for Sebastian is too short too. Maybe I just make children with long heads? Nah........

This beret was so quick to knit and looks amazing and best of all it is made with some super chunky yarn that Elizabeth picked out for herself at the scrap store when we went during half term. She wants some flowers knitting to go over one eye and a scarf to match. She may have to wait a short while though as the Christmas knitting is going very very slowly at the moment.

Nathaniel's tower building skills have improved today;

A double tower. Give the boy a box of bricks and he will be happy for hours on end unless this happens.

When I was a little girl (and now I'm not so little) I wanted to live in a symetrical house, you know, door in the middle, windows either side, white picket fence, roses round the door etc. Well, I live in an end of terrace that is far from symetrical, the door is to the left of a rather nice stained glass window and the upsatirs is double glazed and down isn't and it is lovely our house but not symetrical. While my children on the other hand..... I have managed to have two girls and two boys. I have a brown eyed girl (Elizabeth) and a blue eyed girl (Francesca) and Nathaniel's eyes are the brightest blue and Sebastian's seem to be the darkest brown. So a little bit of symetry there me thinks. See;

Chocolatey brown eyes like his biggest sister and his Mummy. And look at his six week old chops, how I want to bite them!!!

Daisie xxx


Sweet Mess said...

I hope everyone feels well very soon!

jennyflower said...

I have to warn you that eating babies faces is generally frowned upon in polite society- even one as munchy as Sebs! Get well soon all. xx

JuliaB said...

Glad everyone is on the mend Daisie! xx

Jackie said...

Me too! Am I allowed to say that? (Well it was your idea.)
Hope you are all well.

Jude said...

Doesn't Nathanial look grown up, and those cheeks are needing some big sloppy kisses..
I do hope you're all feeling much better very soon.