Wednesday, 6 January 2010

A Snow Day

Altough it has turned out to be a bit more of a pyjama day. Neither of my son's slept very well last night, school is shut and I have no other reason to be dressed!

Blogger has put all my pictures in the wrong way up so maybe you should be reading this from the other end but that would just be far too complicated to type it the wrong way too. Blathering now, sorry!

I have made lots more lovely sparkles;

In an attempt to clear out some of the stash that I have to make room for more space in the house I have been going through all my beads and have created these lovelies and put them in my shop.

The children have made a cafe with the play food. Francesca is in charge of tea making and hot beverages, Elizabeth is in charge of cooking the food and the waiter is the cutest I have ever seen;

And we made this beauty to scoff after our tea tonight;

Hoping you are all warm and having fun!

Daisie xxx


Gina said...

That's the cutest waiter I've ever seen too!

Bagladee said...

Hmmmmm that cake looks so yummy :D and yes I agree, the cutest waiter I have ever seen. xx

twiggypeasticks said...

What a fun day, we had another snow day too and didn't get dressed until lunch time :)
twiggy x

Jude said...

Doesn't he look gorgeous!!
Sparkly things are lovely.
Glad you don't need to go out, it looks awful!!

Michaela said...

A very lovely waiter in deed - I'm sure he could teach some grown ups a thing or 2. At our Christmas do, we paid nearly £30 a head and at the end of the rather poor meal, the waitress stood at the end of the table with a black bin liner and asked us to send all the rubbish down to her. Not good!

Looking at your photos, I really think you have the most gorgeous of children (apart from my own of course!)

Jackie said...

Your children have the most infectious smiles I've ever seen.
And mmmm orange and lemon jelly slices..we always had those as a treat at Christmas. I haven't seen any for years.Save me a piece!

Jackie said...

I also meant to add that there is a strange similarity between the cakes appeal and your beads. They look beautifully jelly like and very delicious.

urban craft said...

oh, that's adorable. Since I am on the felt food kick, I need to get on making some more. My little guy is all about fake food now.