Saturday, 2 January 2010

Footprints In The Snow

We woke this morning to big fat flakes of snow falling from the sky. It continued to fall and fall and fall...... We braved a drive to the supermarket to stock up on provisions (been feeling like Mother Hubbard as haven't done a big shop since before Christmas) and although the road was slow it was easily passable and a big bonus the supermarket was rather empty for a Saturday morning!

We came home, had lunch and the big three and me ventured out in our wellies;

Admittedly mine are not uite as lovely as Lucy's but I do love them!

Francesca made footprints;

We found cat footprints;

And bird footprints;

We made a lovely snowman;

And now we are indoors with warm (dry) pyjama bottoms on, mugs of hot chocolate and Harry Potter on the telly!

Daisie xxx


Lucy Locket-Pocket said...

Well I think your wellies are lovely - and they go far further up your legs than mine!!!

Happy New Year! Lucy x

Flame said...

I'm so jealous. In all this weather, we have had 5 mins of snow.

Jude said...

The Big Three and Me...sounds like the beginning of some adventures to me..wellies are lovely!