Sunday, 3 January 2010

A Bit More Snow

The snow continued to fall on and off yesterday and then there was some more this morning so after a warming lunch of toasted cheese sandwiches (so good) we wrapped up and went for a slippy slidey walk.

Both Nathaniel and Sebastian have all in one coats (why don't they make them for grown ups?) so were very snuggly. Nathaniel calls his a Makka Pakka suit because of the colour and he looks very cute indeed;

We walked in the 'deep dark woods';

And on the way back we spotted some amazing snowmen, including this rather amazing green one;

And this mummy one and her baby;

I do think that ours is the best though! Even though someone very mean has stolen half his nose! Elizabeth thinks it may have been someone hungry on their way home last night and Francesca has a more romantic theory that it was a stray reindeer.

Sebastian missed it all as he slept on my chest;

The snow is brilliant and today has been a good way to end the holiday. We (Elizabeth) are hoping that there will either be enough snow tomorrow for school to be closed or (me) that it has all melted overnight, as it is the mile and a half walk to school will take forever and not be much fun.

Daisie xxx


Flame said...

You have no idea how jealous I am

Jude said...

So snuggly...
Hope it melts away soon so you have a safe walk to school

smilernpb said...

Lovely sweet post.

I'm of the opinion 'we've had enough of the snow, now go away' but that is just because hubby had had no work for the past three or four weeks (he is a motorcycle instructor!).

I wanted to get Bronte a snowsuit, but my MIL said they are a nightmare to get the babies in and out of???

javieth said...

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