Thursday, 21 January 2010

An Apology

The eagle eyed amongst you will have noticed that my wobble post of a few days ago has been removed. I think maybe I was wrong to share the information with you, maybe it makes me as unprofessional as she was. Who knows but it's gone now. I don't want to paint the centre in a bad light and put people off. Things are being sorted, issues dealt with and it'll all be ok. It has bolstered me and swelled my confidence again to know that you are all behind me and care about the same things I do :-)

There are a few crafty things happening here at the mo but for swaps and presents so I need to keep them under wraps for now.

And because I hate posts without pictures here are my princesses at christmas, see it really is hard to get a good photo of them;

Hope they forgive me!
Daisie xxx


Jackie said...

I think thats what blogs are for sometimes. If I have a wobble I'm straight onto the blog for some reassurance.
(I have to tell you though, from experience, nothing is ever deleted from Google reader..its still there so be careful!Don't 'vent' and publish and then think you can delete.)

jennyflower said...

There is an award for you over at my place my dear. x

smilernpb said...

OK, so I am very naughty.....I missed the 'wobble' post and after Jackie's comment, I went into the Google Reader, which I didn't actually know about....just to read it. I feel really bad.....

.....but I am glad I did!

I simply CANNOT believe that you were treated like that, and I for one, would put in a complaint! How DARE people speak to you like that, especially as (as a volunteer) you are providing INVALUABLE help as a Peer Supporter.

*steps down off the podium*

Oh, and on a lighter note, two more weeks of my course and I too, shall have a Peer Support course under my belt, although I would like to do the one which means you can go on the phones for the this the one you did?

Speak soon xx