Tuesday, 5 January 2010

A Bit More More Snow

Ooooh, it's very snowy indeed but I have no photos today as I didn't take the camera out with me.

We went to school on foot and by bus yesterday as it was very slippy slidey and I didn't really fancy driving in the ice and the children love an excuse to wear their wellies. We had a brilliant adventure!

Today the snow was falling thick and fast from early on although it was more than passable so we wrapped up, packed bags and set out for school to find that it was shut when we were nearly there so we went round to our friend's house and made a snowman and played with her children in their garden.

The snow was still falling and I thought we ought to make a move before it got any worse. The buses had stopped running so we set off on foot for the long hike home. Nathaniel was very tired and cold and was getting slower and slower when suddenly a big man appeared through the blizzard (well, snow in the wind). My big husband man, college had been shut and he was on his way home too. Nathaniel on his shoulders and the girls all holding hands with us we were intrepid explorers all the way home.

Someone very bad has knocked the head off our snowman and trampled it into the ground. Why are people so horrible?!

Being at home in the warm has allowed me to start crafting! Some knitting is on the go and I made this lovely bracelet;

Off now to snuggle with needles in hand, children all around me and watch The Lion King before I make a warm filling tea.

Daisie xxx



Nice bracelet - just love the colours.
We're havin nice warming soup for tea - and trying again to finish off all the cheese and biscuits bought for over christmas!
Keep warm x


twiggypeasticks said...

Lovely bracelet. Twiglets school was closed today . Hooray as we walk it, and the paths up here are scarey at the moment. Watched Santa Claus - the movie and scoffed the decorations off the Xmas tree :)
Twiggy x

Moogsmum said...

Nice comforting sausage and mash for tea tonight.

It's official - winter is here. We've had snow tonight, on the south coast, therefore the entire country is required to shut down until normal service is resumed.

Shame about your snowman :(
Moog ate the carrot nose off ours last year.

Lovely snowy photos and your bracelet is gorgeous!


jennyflower said...

Gorgeous bracelet! Love the idea of your snow prince rescuing you all from the blizzard, how cute. xx