Tuesday, 12 January 2010

A Good Start

Well after a good start to the bloggy year and posting with alarming regularity it all kind of fell apart, things just got in the way and it wasn't even anything note worthy.

Just snow;

And bus journeys and wellies and knitting and cooking and laundry and the usual really. Sorry.

I am only popping in now as have lots to do (some of it exciting) but just wanted you to go and say hi to my new friend Jo who is my Seven Days Of Specialness Swap partner.

And please also go and say hi to my old friend Heather who is a new blogger and I know it would make her day if we all piled over there and left her a comment and you can see pictures of the lovely Noah, it's worth clicking the link just for that!!

Daisie xxx


niftyknits said...

great to see snow being enjoyed!

sue said...

Fab smiley pics :) and a very happy new year to you n your lovely family xx

Mistea said...

Love those snow pics - and your happy little person. Just came by today and checked out your goodies - pretty beady things you've been making and I so need some of those pretty nails. Enjoy