Monday, 8 June 2009

A Wet Success

The fair in Lancaster went really well. It was cold and wet while we set up and no one was very hopeful but the rain soon stopped and although the sun didn't shine it wasn't unpleasant. We were in a small marquee (which Francesca summed up perfectly as a 'fancy tent') which meant I could hang my washing line along the wall, my table was next door to Swirly and she very kindly let me hang stuff along the wall behind her too (very fortunate as there was no room for my hanging rail although it did make loading and unloading the stuff much easier). People really liked my handbags :-)) and t-shirts, I sadly didn't make sales of any of the smocked dresses or sunhats but personally I blame the weather!! I sold lots of hair clips and button bracelets so need to make a few more before the next fair.

I have a custom bag to make this week but the buyer has requested it has a zipped main pocket, my brain has been itchy with thinking about how best to do it. Am quite confident that I could do it with a bag with a square top (good old youtube) but the bag design she likes has a curved edge that runs into the straps. I am thinking of doing the zip in a gusset (?) so you get a rectangle with a zip through the middle and attach it to the lining so that the outside look of the bag is not changed but the pocket would be more square once you are inside. Will have to try it out with some old sheets me thinks before I chop up the lovely fabric she has bought especially!

And because it is just plain rude to post without pics here is a little snap of the children doing an impromtu 'show' on a bench in the willow walk when we went to Wycoller;

Daisie xxx


Bagladee said...

Oh I'm so pleased it it turned out ok for you. Well done on a good day :) xx

Jude said...

Well done,you seem much happier about that fair than the others.
Good luck with the stocking up!! and the zip antics..

Tamsyn said...

Glad you had a good fair Daisy, shame you didn't sell any of your smocked dresses I think there really gorgeous. People do seem to be buying lots of little things at the moment. Goodluck with your next Fair x

JuliaB said...

Well done on all those sales!! xx

oldbagcrafts said...

Your children are lovely!

twiggypeasticks said...

Keep plugging away Daisie, it sounds like you did well. Bet those cute dresses sell like hot cakes if this BBQ Summer we've been promised ever turns up :)
My ankle is v.sore but improving thanks, I can walk downstairs without clinging to the handrail and grimacing now!! How's you? Hope you're getting time to put those ankles up!
Twiggy x