Wednesday, 10 June 2009

A Quickie

I have been working hard today, I have humped mattresses from one room to the other, carried boxes of books down from the attic, moved a book case, laid rugs on floors, realigned a wardrobe and tidied until I could tidy no more. Feels a bit like extreme nesting!! All the bedrooms are finished, bar small adjustments and the need for more book shelves! Elizabeth is in her lovely Dr. Who room and Nathaniel is snuggled up in his dinosaur covers beneath her (they have bunks, we're not weird, well not too weird), Francesca can finally be sleeping beauty alone and is nestled in lovely soft white covers under a pink net canopy.

All is calm. For now. Am not sure how tonight, or the coming nights will be for Nathaniel, he hasn't slept alone in a long time, I will miss his small warm body next to me and his breathy kisses first thing in the morning. And when I am feeling this loss I quickly remind myself that I will not miss his physical interpretation of the swastika or his finger in my belly button when he wakes and needs comfort!! I am going to enjoy the closeness of my husband (happy anniversary darling) and the amount of space we have to spread into until our new bed sharing bundle arrives.

I am spending this evening completing a hand sewing project of the birthday variety, exciting, but soooo time consuming!

But I just wanted to pop in and tell you to go see one of my smocked dresses on the lovely Anna. How cute is she??!!

Daisie xxx


willow81 said...

Love that dress! I hope everyone enjoys their beds and that you and DH enjoy spreading out (for a short while at least!) in yours. xx

ethel and edna's tearoom said...

Should you really have been humping anything around, a lady in your "condition"?! lol
The dress is v cute. I remember my mum making some like those for us when we were kids.

Sharon said...

Congratulations on the baby! I was going to say something about the humping and matresses, but I'm obviously far too polite!! :)

jennyflower said...

Take it easy Mrs Mum to be! And happy anniversary to you and Simon enjoy your few weeks on night-time solitude! Thanks for the link, and once agin, thanks so much for the dress! xxx