Tuesday, 16 June 2009

A Custom Bag

Well after much putting off the bag is finally made and the new owner is very pleased, phew!

Here it is hanging with my washing in the sun;

The fabric she chose is yummy, quite thick and canvas like with beautiful fluffy striped circles that are very very strokable.

Here is the zip that she requested;

I still added the ties as I would normally as the shape of the bag just didn't look right without them.

Behind the zip are four patch pockets;

And there was a little bit of the fabric left and I found a chocolate coloured zip in my stash so made her this little zipped pouch too;

I have given her some business cards and hopefully she'll big it up and maybe I'll get to make some more. The zip was a nightmare, the air was blue, it was like the okey-kokey gone horribly wrong! The zip went in, the zip went out, in, out, in, out and I shook it all about (swearing wildly), Finally it lined up and sat flat and I actually quite like it now :-)

And because I had the camera out in the garden I had to take a picture of my little poser;

Daisie xxx

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