Tuesday, 2 June 2009

A Rack, Some Shorts, Some News, A Rant And Some More Shorts

A rack;

I spent today ironing all the clothes I have made for the fair on Saturday. I have arranged to have my pitch somewhere I can have a washing line for my aprons and t-shirts but didn't know how much I would be able to display like that. I have also arranged to borrow two massage dolls from the centre so will be able to dress them in Daisie Davies stuff. I didn't want piles of folded clothes on my table as I would spend all day re-folding them or people would be too shy to come and investigate. Anyhoo, with the reshuffle of our house and the creation of the princess room we now have a place under Francesca's bed to store (hide) the dressing up clothes, brilliant but what to do with the amazing rack that I rescued from nursery years ago when they upgraded lots of their furniature? It's a breast height (for want of a better description) hanging rail with a deep box beneath (where the dressing up shoes and hats were kept) on wheels. Simon had the brilliant idea of using it for fairs. I can hang stuff so it won't get creased and crinkled and there is lots of room in the bottom to transport all my other stuff without carrying it. Fantastic!!


Nathaniel is very taken with his new car shorts and t-shirt, he has counted them and told everyone who passes what colours the cars are. I wanted a pic of him wearing them and said show me your shorts, what a fabulous pose, a model in the making?!

Some news, guess what;

This is baby Davies #4. Remind you of anyone we know;

I am now 25 weeks pregnant and am trying to be as bright as the weather but it is not nice being huge in this heat....................here comes the rant.....................my ankles are huge!!! They trob :-(

I am big in the belly department already, I know that with subseqent babies you get bigger quicker because your body has already grown to bursting point and has lost all powers of resistance but this is ridiculous! Nathaniel and I went to the post office to post some parcels today and a very kindly lady noticed my fat legs and swollen middle and red sweaty face (and it was only 9am) and commented: "not long now...?" I had to bite my tongue and busy my hands so as not to smash her in the face! I smiled nicely (I think) but was thinking, only a lifetime!

But I sound negative and I'm not, we all got to go and see our baby a few weeks ago and we discovered together that he has a willy (so can't be named sleeping beauty as Francesca wanted to call the baby if it was a girl, phew!). Elizabeth over the moon! Francesca not disappointed (phew!) and pleased when she realised that she'd still be the littelst girl. Simon's smile was so huge you could probably see it from outer space, like the great wall of China! Nathaniel terminally confused by talk of a baby in my tummy although quite likes the idea of one coming to our house so he can 'tickle toes' like we do with the babies at boobie club. I am pleased too, it feels good to know I'll have a big girl and a little girl and a big boy and a little boy, balance has been restored in the Davies' household.

And because the shorts were such a success I made some more with some vintage nascar fabric I got a while ago;

Phew, mammoth post, must go and put my feet up (yeah, right)!

Daisie xxx


Tip Top said...

I KNEW YOU WOULD BE!!!!!!!!! Cos no talk of wanting babies for quite a while!!! So well done and good job all the decorating is done eh?!! I sympathise with the big and hot stuff - I had both boys early Sept and both years were scorchers. I was that HUGE with Samuel I wanted them to weigh him again cos no way was he weighing 6.1 with me putting 3.5stone on....A lot of water retention and general bigness (my body was waiting all them years just for an excuse for my belly to get huge very quickly!)

Swirlyarts said...


Tip Top said...

PS Forgot to say CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!!!

Thecraftytrundler said...

CONGRATULATIONS !!!!! I have two children, and Callum, my second was 9lb 2oz, so I decided to stop there!! It's so true that you get bigger, and show earlier.
Take it as easy as you can, and good luck with your forthcoming sale!
Lovely pic of son no 2 : )


Apple Valley said...

Oh wow, congratulations to you all xxx

kleinzonnetje said...

Congratulations! 4 is a good number!

Bagladee said...

CONGRATULATIONS ALEX!!!! Thats fantastic news xx

willow81 said...

Congratulations, wow, that's soooo exciting! And I love that rack SO much. xx

ethel and edna's tearoom said...

YAY!! Clever lady! Congrats to you all. xx *hugs*

btw Love Nathaniels posing!! What a star. :O)

Sweet Mess said...

How did you manage to keep that a secret for so long??? and what a relief that you won't have to name the baby sleeping beauty ;) or maybe it could be his nickname?

I love the display too, very clever. Good luck with your show!

Jude said...

Oh wow,I'm so happy for you all. Baby number 4.... gosh,glutton for punishment?? No seriously, it's wonderful. Go on, show us your ankles!!

oldbagcrafts said...

What deliciously lovely news! Oh, and I love the clothes rack - might just get my clever brother to make me one for all our dressing up clothes. Vicky x

twiggypeasticks said...

Blimey, are you going to move to a bigger house or get bunk beds!!! congratulations.
twiggy x
PS Bet my ankle is bigger and certainly more painful than yours :)

jennyflower said...

Sorry I missed this post...how? So chuffed you're growing a boy bun! Good work! Hugs to Simon x

Becks said...

Oh congratulations.
Now how are you going to find the time to carry on your craftings with all those gorgeous bay things I bet you're dying to make?
Best wishes.

Pixiedust said...

Congratulations, what lovely news. xxxx

JuliaB said...

Hi Daisie! Catching up here. Oooo! Congratulations!!! 4? You must have a halo! xx