Friday, 5 June 2009


I will be appearing at Piccadilly Garden Scotforth, Lancaster LA1 5AA (just incase you want to put it in the ol' SATNAV). It will be a fun family day with lots of craft and fund raising stalls, refreshemnts are available and there will be live music too. The bestest bit though is that they are giving away a free sunflower to every visitor, there are five of us, am wondering if we'll get one each and then I can have a vase full?!

Am having a lazy afternoon, another late night last night, must stop this burning candle at both ends, haven't got up and gone to sleep in the same day for quite some time now, am starting to look like a pumkin with huge bags under my eyes :-(

Just a chilli to make for tonight's meal and the table cloth to iron for my stall and then that's it, am sitting down with a cup of tea, my book and a boy to snuggle!

I spent hours yesterday ironing all the stock and putting on price tags. I have little standie up prices for things like cards and hair clips and stuff that will be on the table but with having the clothes hanging around in different places and the bags being different prices depending on style, size and the fabric I used I thought it best to tag each of these items, I spent ages stamping them so they would match the paper bags I use to pack purchases and tie in with the whole daisy theme;

They look really rather professional (even if I do say so myself) and not too girlie on the boy stuff.

If you're that way tomorrow come and say hi, Swirly will be there too!!

Daisie xxx


Jude said...

Oh wow, I do like those labels!! really lovely, well done!
Get to bed, woman! Or else you'll be suffering from more than swollen ankles...
Good luck, I'm with you all the way

Bagladee said...

They look fab!!!! Enjoy the afternoon and best of luck for tomorrow although I know you'll do fine with all that lovely stuff :) xx

oldbagcrafts said...

Very smart labels. Where d'you get your energy from?

Sweet Mess said...

Nice labels! I hope you have great sales and great customers tomorrow!