Sunday, 14 June 2009

Not More Cake!?

We have had a lovely sunny weekend, more titivating of the bedrooms, book sorting, crap disgarding, the usual really but hopefully that is an end to all things DIYish (for a while at least). The bedrooms all look fab, most things are back where they belong and we can once again spread out into all of our house!

Saturday saw a lazy breakfast of croissant and coffee, even the girls joined in;

A quick trip out to get a new basket liner for the hanging basket at the front of the house and some screws for shelves and the children managed to blag a table and chairs for the garden out of Simon but at £2 a piece I didn't feel robbed. They spent a pleasant lunch outside;

Nathaniel pottered aorund and 'helped' while Francesca and I planted out some seedlings we had kindly been given. We filled in gaps in the border and filled a basket and even managed to fill her window box with trailing fusia and other pink delights. I will show you some pictures when they all come in to flower.

Today we have been visited by my parents and brother in advance of tomorrow's celebrations. I have made many cakes;

I have made lemon sponge buns for the children in creche and the other ladies that will be on my course tomorrow. I have also made a huge vanilla sponge that will soon be smothered in green icing and if my artistic skills are anything decent will become a dinosaur. Hopefully.

Just some tidying and icing and balloon blowing and a quick wash of the floors and then we will be all ready for the morning!

And before tomorrow's pictures just go and have a look here, blimey, how quickly a year passes!

Daisie xxx


Ali said...

Croissant breakfasts are the best! And hope the celebrations go well.

Jude said...

Bless his cotton little socks, feel like I know the little fellow!!
Hope you all enjoy the day, gosh, in a few months he's going to be a really big boy! when someone else takes on the role of baby!!