Monday, 13 September 2010

A Safe Place?

Just a quick set of butterfly pictures, the children and I spotted these while out and about with my parents on Sunday;

And, you know when you put something in a safe place and then can't remember where said safe place is? Well I did that and have spent almost a week looking for my empty key fobs so I could add my button photos to make them super yummy;

You like?

Daisie xxx


Jackie said...

Very professional.

Sweet Mess said...

What a clever idea!

Locket Pocket said...

The key fobs look fabulous! And you are so lucky to have seen so many butterflies! I really don't think there are so many around now - or maybe I'm not observant enough! Lucy x

Twiggy said...

Oooo they are lovely. I put things in safe places too!!
Twiggy x