Friday, 24 September 2010

A Quick Round-Up

This week has just gone in a blur, there have been so many changes to our lives this last few weeks, the most amazing is that my big man Nathaniel has started his nursery school place, all three and four year old children in the Uk are entitled to fifteen hours a week (term time) of free education. This can either be knocked off a full time place at a private nursery or, like we do, five mornings or afternoons at a nursery school. He is very tired but is having an amazing time, playing new games, making new friends and learning lots during his play. It's a wonderful opportunity for him but I miss him very much indeed;

An awful picture of me (because I took it) but I just love his cheeky face!

There has been lots and lots of independant standing from this little man;

On the floor, on the bed, on the stairs (argh) and even on the Wii balance board;

Last night after tea he took three steps, I'm surprised you couldn't hear the cheering and clapping where you live! I don't think it'll be long and then it'll be time for shoes, he has grown so quick, has so many words and I can't believe we'll have had him for a whole year next week.

Sebastian is missing his big brother too and goes around the house in the morning looking under tables, in other rooms and over the stair gate shouting 'Nan-Nan', I'm sure when he gets used to his absence he'll love the time when he doesn't have to share me with anyone else.

He still won't nurse at the breast and I'm still pumping, how long for I'm not sure yet but am sure it'll be a discussion for my other blog before long.

I've spent the week filling custom orders from last Sunday and have set up a facebook page for my creations (go me)!

We, as volunteers are now being managed by the nct which is really rather good, we all met our new training bod yesterday, she's very nice and I have a feeling that we will continue to work well together. It was lovely to meet up with the girls that trained with me and have a good old gossip about what we're all doing. We have booked our Christmas gathering and someone suggested a night out too, maybe I'll get a bit of a social life going on now too.....?!

I have been asked to extend my peer supporter role in another children's centre in the town and things are looking good for my future with that in mind.

It's all very exciting and very busy at the mo, but good busy, if you know what I mean?

Daisie xxx


Hannah said...

Yay for independent standing!
I am now a 'likee' of you page :D

JuicyFig said...

I wish I had known you when I was failing dismally to breast feed my baby fig 19 years ago - they gave up on me in hospital and shoved a bottle in her mouth, leaving me feeling very inadaquate.
Well done you on a brood of gorgeous boys, and your facebooking!


Becks said...

Oh the time is flying by far too quickly, how can he possibly be at walking already???
Good news on your peer supporting. No news of any paid peer support in your area yet?
Best wishes

dottycookie said...

Can I just say a big thank you for the work you do with your peer support? I had lots of help from some wonderful La Leche League supporters 8 years ago and went on to feed mine till they weaned themselves at just under and just over 3 respectively. I couldn't have done it without their support - and you're doing the same now for other people now, which is just brilliant.

Twiggy said...

Blimey Nathaniel looks like a big grown up boy suddenly!! Well done to the little standy up chap - doesn't time fly by far too quickly ??
Twiggy x

Sweet Mess said...

Wow... a year already! crazy...

Nice work on raising such cuties... and nice facebook page too :)

Jude said...

Can't believe e'll be 1 next week....all sounds good for you too.
Take care