Monday, 6 September 2010

A New School Year

I seem to be a very bad blogger at the moment, sorry.

I can't believe that my girlies go back to school this time into a year five and year two class, scary indeed;

I may be a bad blogger but have been a good Mummy and made Francesca a new book bag;

She loves it!!

I love this picture I took of my Dad and Sebastian;

We have been making lots of things which include these yummy cakes;

And these very funky bread 'rolls' (I use the term loosely) to go with soup for our tea, Elizabeth crfated some beautiful plaits and Nathaniel made some cottage loaves because he liked sticking his finger all the way through and Francesca made a pair of snails;

I do worry about them sometimes......?

Daisie xxx


Jackie said...

Oh my goodness you look so like your dad!

Swirlyarts said...

They are just expressing their creativity through the medium of bread :)

Jo said...

I can see Nathaniel's point, there is something about bread dough that makes you want to squodge a finger in it!

niftyknits said...

just hope that finger was clean ;-)
lovely photos - enjoy the peace and quiet for a few hours!