Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Lovely Buttons

In preparation for the local Alternative Women's Institute gathering where I will be holding a stall on the 19th, I ordered some adjustable silver ring blanks and then I turned them into these beauties;

It was hard deciding which bits of my stash I would be willing to part with but after the first couple they just looked so brilliant it spurred me on and I have twenty or so ready for sale.

I also had the photograph I took of my buttons many moons ago printed as I had a brilliant idea but alas, could not find the other main component part, tsk, will have another search tomorrow. Typical though, isn't it? You put something safe and can you remember where it is, never, bloody baby brain :(

While trawling through my boxes (of which there are many) I came across many fifies sets cut from garments that haven't seen the light of day since I found them and put them in a box! So thought it was about time they had a new home and some love, or purpose;

And because it's nearly Christmas (oh yes it is!!) I have made some more ice skates;

These are now snuggled in a box with some felt christmas trees with button baubles ready for the fair.

The Alternative WI was set up by eight local women who hire a venue, invite all their friends, all of whom buy a ticket and bake a cake, we then gather and eat said cake, bitch, nag and everything else that's good in a women only environment. There is a raffle and games and this year me (donating 10% of any sales) stuffing my face with cake, all money raised is donated to charity, the chosen charity this year is papyrus. And to add even more fun to the proceedings, this year we have a bar!!

Can't wait ;)

Daisie xxx

PS: if anyone fancies any of the rings (£2) or button cards (priced in picture) please let me know before the 19th and you can have them instead, you are my favourites after all! x

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Kendra said...

The rings are amazing! You are so talented!