Tuesday, 3 August 2010

Ours Is A Nice House Ours Is

I remember my Mum singing;

Ours is a nice house ours is
It's got no rats or mouses
The roof's on the top of our pretty little shack
The front's at the front
The back's at the back
Ours is a nice house ours is
It's got no rats or mouses

I don't know where it comes from but I always sing it in my head when I aproach my home, which now has a new front door;

I'm not a big PVC fan but we had one fitted at the back and it keeps out all the drafts and noise and keeps in all the warm and is cheaper than a new hard wood equivilant so it kinda won the arguement. I had a bit of a panic when our lovely window guy dragged it from his van 'I don't like it!' and I did have a wobble and wanted to cry but now it's in I rather like the look.

There is a new window in this big hole too;

And I'm sure the whole operation wouldn't have gone quite so well without the help of a little man taking up residence in the van with his tool box;

And the help of this lovely man has been priceless, my brilliant, hard working, generous, kind father-in-law;

And Simon is still smiling (think it's mania now though, rather than happiness);

Daisie xxx


katy said...

the new door looks good,hope all is well, katy :)

sue said...

Oww, your house is very def a very nice house :)
Oh n have been sooo hectic but will get round to ordering some bunting asap x

Becks said...

Yes definitely a nice house. Kind of similar to mine ;-) In fact John wants us to get a new uPVC door but I keep putting it off because even though our door is a very old, draughty, rattly, battered door it is still rather lovely.
Guess I'm going to have to give in eventually........

Sue said...

They obviously make a very good team, your hubby and dad-in-law. The door looks great by the way.

Twiggy said...

will they come and do my bathroom next please, it's a tip :)
Twiggy x