Friday, 20 August 2010

A Grand Day Out

We have had lots of short dashes to the park inbetween showers. I am totally sick of the rain, with the house like a building site it would be wonderful to have time to flit in and out of the garden and to have the door open to just come and go and make our usable living space seem a little bigger. Bah and pish to the british summer :(

We had a vaguely sunny day (only rained for two quite heavy but short bursts) and we set out to a different park with my fellow peer supporter, Laura and her two children Daisy and Bowan;

Francesca always did want a little sister;

We saw some lovely rabbits and some chickens too;

And we caught this lovely shot when Bowan shared his hat with Nathaniel;

And there was, of course, time made for swinging;

A lovely day!

Daisie xxx


Nancy said...

What a look a pure joy on that cute little face. I've never seen swings like fun..

Jude said...

Lovely day out..that swing is fab,,

Laura Jayne said...

It was a lovely day and you have a happy and helpful small people, We really enjoyed it!
P.S i am loving being on your blog.. ha ha :), glad you enjoyed it enough to write about it. x