Friday, 13 August 2010

A Lovely Day At The Farm

Yesterday we went to Thornton Hall Farm on a big bus (Nathaniel's almost favourite bit) with other families from the centre, we didn't even get that wet, a first for the school summer holidays!

Francesca made friends with a Donkey;

We met some lovely brown eyed calfs (calves?);

We hid from the big black cloud as it emptied it's contents on us in the barn and had a good hour playing while the rain pelted the roof;

We had a ride on the catapillar;

Met a big stag;

More catapiller (Mr Stag got in the middle there somehow?);

Met Rooster the horse, he is huge;

Were greeted by a Llama or two (one of which head butted Elizabeth but am sure she'll tell all on her blog as soon as she gets her nose from her book);

Said hello to some goats;

It was a lovely day, it wasn't too cold or windy, the rain was heavy but didn't last for long and I finally feel like we have done something vaguely 'holidayish'. With the rain everyday, the 15 degree temps and the building work life hasn't felt very summery or holidayish.
Today will be less pleasant as the girls are at the dentist in a little while but if the rain that is falling now stops we may make it to the park or the woods this afternoon for an explore....


smilernpb said...

Looks like you had a great day.

I want to visit a farm sometime over the summer holidays. The bigger two have both been with school/nursery separately at some point, but we've not been together as a family. I think Bronte would like it too.

Hugs xx

sue said...

Fab pics, we were at the very same farm on Saturday, it's great is'nt it. I'm going to put some pics on my blog later :)
Oh n of to order on your etsy too xx

sue said...

oops, meant folksy lol.

Bagladee said...

Great photos Alex, I loved the Donkey and Stag (very magestic indeed). The children look like they had a blast, especially on those slides!! :D Great fun. xx

Jude said...

Wonderful day out..