Sunday, 22 August 2010

It's The Small Things

That have brightened my cloudy, miserable life this week.

Buying school shoes was much less of a trauma than I had expected, with one daugter wearing an EE fitting and the other in a H it can be sad sometimes that they have so little choice in good fitting school shoes, shoes they wear everyday. They both had four or more pairs to choose from today and everyone came out of the shop happy.

Then we went welly shopping (for park/woodie adventures next week) and again each child got a pair that not only fit but that they liked too!

And then I had to have a little lookie in the sale pile and look what I found;

Super bargain they were too!!

And then I found these with no tag;

But they lovely lady at the till said I could have the white pair for the same price as the pink ones;

Two pairs of new shoes!

And the best bit?

The tag;

Happy days ;)

Daisie xxx


Tamsyn said...

loving your bargain shoes! I have lots of trouble finding shoes I like that fit. To find some that fit and are a bargain is perfect :)
Have to get Arthur his first school shoes this week.
Have a fab week x

sue said...

Wow, fab shoes, lucky you :)
Oh and the gorgeous aprons and bunting arrived the other day but I didnt get chance to say a BIG thank you, they are gorgeous xx

Cheshire Mum said...

Loving those pumps - girls who can wear pink! SJP and the SATC girlies would be very jealous. YOu can't beat a bargain like that to brighten your day can you?!

Jude said...

Wow....I can't believe that price...shoe buying here is awful....expensive and there's nothing I like...

Tip Top said...

Ah, thats our job next week - both will have school shoes and both are an H fitting.....

niftyknits said...

woooo - fab shoes and excellent bargains!

dropstitch said...

The white ones are so super cute!

Poppy and Daisy said...

very cute