Saturday, 14 February 2009

Party Day!

And you could tell it is Francesca's party by the hair!!!

We played some games;

I ended up looking like Marge Simpson!!

My team also cheated and emptied the bucket of balls straight into my huge knickers instead of aiming and throwing;

My birthday princess;

And all her lovely birthday princess friends;

The hosts were named Queen Rose and Captain Blue and they completely made the day, thanks!

I know it has been a week since Francesca's birthday but her very bestest friend, Olivia, was born the day before and we never have our parties on the same weekend, that's alot to ask of parents, although it does happen sometimes that we all end up at two parties in two days!

Daisie xxx


Jackie said...

I didn't realise you lived in a manor house. You must have done a lot of craft fairs to pay that mortgage! (have you ever thought of having a joint birthday party with the friend?)

MollyandIzzie said...

She looks like a proper princess! x x x x