Saturday, 28 February 2009

Daffy Dillies And Other Flowers

My friend's baby boy arrived late on thursday night :-) but in my haste and excitement I forgot to photograph goodies before wrapping. Hopefully will be able to get a pic of him modelling them when I go and see him in the morning. Don't like him not having a name yet, feels odd refering to him as 'him' when that's what we have been doing for ages!!

Spring seems to have sprung in the corner of my garden, the girls spotted this when they were out on their bicycles this afternnon;

And while they were out I managed to have a go at this tutoral using some off cuts from my old jeans;

I scanned the tute very quickly when I spotted it and I really should have paid more attention to measurements. I kind of made it up as I went along (as usual) and have made the tiniest cuff in the world! Francesca had to wear it for the photo. I did make two more flowers though so can have a go at a bigger cuff when I get chance. I also thought the flowers would look nice a little bigger with a ribbon loop and stuffed with lavender? I am now on the hunt for some dainty floral fabric and will try out the scented flowers for my mother-in-law's birthday.

Daisie xxx

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Jude said...

My friend made me one of these as a ??? pin cushion thingy for your wrist, is this right or should I be wearing it as a fashion accessory? Oh my god, don't tell me I've got the wrong end of the tape measure again!