Monday, 23 February 2009

Cow Slippers And Football Pants!

A quick catch up on what's been going on here at Daisie Towers over the last week. It being half term and having loads of people in my house *stupid grin* for a whole week my poor old blog has been somewhat neglected.

Firstly I have to show you these lovely cow slippers that my mother-in-law brought along for me. The do look much better without the bad socks and hairy legs!

The children and I had a trip out to IKEA (we couldn't take Simon as we were in a micra as our car had gone for it's MOT) and we had a great time. The children love to open all the cupboards (especially now both girls can read the "look inside" stickers) and sit in all the seats and stroke the rugs and bed linen. They are lovely though and not noisy or rude like so many other children we saw while there!! We only got a few things but had a hot dog on the way home, well, you have to, it's the law! Isn't it?!

After car had been for said MOT test and all seemed well Simon looked closely at the certificate as he went to file it away and noticed that the odometre reading was almost four times the number of miles our car has actually done! A (slightly) stroppy phone call from me and Francesa, Nathaniel and I went back to the test centre to get a new one! Tsk!!! We left an under the weather Elizabeth to go back to bed while we went and thought it'd be a good idea to visit the charity shops and market while we were there. Francesca had a 50p in her handbag and insisted we put Nathaniel in the pram (and not in the sling) so she could help to push him as she is "such a good big sister". And what does a sparkly five year old girl buy in a charity shop with fifty pence? A sparkly fairy thing, that's what!! We also found an amazing knitting kit with a big ball of multi coloured chunky yarn and a pair of the fattest needles I have ever seen, all for 99p! Bargain!

I also found an amazing knitting supplies stall on the market (will make it a regular spot now me thinks) and she had an enormous box of buttons that were really cheap (2p each) so I spent ages searching through them while Francesca held out her hands for the ones I wanted. We also chose some lovely ribbon bundles. They seem to be between three and five metres long and were only 20p each!!! Then round the corner there was a craft stall that was closing down :-( but everything was half price :-) so we got some goodies there too!

We also have visited friends, watched movies and snuggled, read books and been very lazy this week and I think we all feel mightily refreshed for it. Except for poor Simon, having been let down by yet another plasterer (saying very bad words in my head!!!!!) he has decided just to sand the joints in the plasterboard so we can get decorating and moved in. We are thoroughly fed up of sleeping on the futon with Nathaniel between us and the girls don't have room to swing a cat in their room because of all the extra stuff stored in there. So hopefully with all his hard work this week we should be able to fit the coving and start painting in a couple of weeks, then get some bunks on order for Francesca's room and Bob's your sister's brother!

And now for the football pants. I would have posted some pics but fear social services may already be on to me? Nathaniel has been very aware of the goings on in his nappy for ages now and loves to tell you what's going on, his bladder control is great (and there was me worried he'd be hard work because he's a boy, one of the first things I thought when Val layed him on my tummy at birth!) and so the girls and I took him shopping for knickers. No, sorry pants! That is going to be the hardest thing!!! He chose ones with footballs on. They are so tiny and make his bum look so biteable (see told you the social are going to get me). He wears them when we come home in the afternoon and walks round showing off his "buutballs" and telling us all that he's a big boy. We haven't managed a wee on the pot but there haven't been any on the floor either. He likes to sit the dollies on the pot and tells them to wee-wee. So fingers crossed, we'll make a proper go of it during the summer hols (if he doesn't do it by himself first) and we will be a nappy free house by August!

There are lots of crafty goings on at the mo but can't show you any yet, I am making an amazing array of baby goodies for my friend who is due on thursday! Squeek! A very long awaited baby and loved to a million bits already. Very exciting indeed!

Daisie xxx


Pixiedust said...

Great post daisie, what fab finds at the market. I think babies bums are biteable too. :o) Hope the decorating gets sorted soon, look forward to some pics. xxxx

jennyflower said...

Cool, it sounds like you have had an ace week, hope this morning wasn't too much of a shock to the system! Love your new hooves!

Tip Top said...

And where is this market stall??!! I demand to know with ribbon like that!!

And big boy Nathaniel he is doing well - just watch for him peeing up a wall or in a corner...... but best bit is that he can pee in a bottle when you are near no loos...!!!

Sharon said...

Great market finds! ikea's great fun for the small peeps - Emily goes around turning off all the show lights to 'save the environment'!

twiggypeasticks said...

Lovely buttons!!! Wait until Nathaniel is like Twiglet ie very proud of the fact he can do stand up wees in the garden - oooo the shame, espesh, when he staggered round the side of the house, pants and jeans round his ankles in about -3 temperatures and shouted. Hey Mummy I've made the snow a different colour :)
Twiggy x

Julie said...

Cute slippers! :)

Julie said...

What a wonderful pile of buttns, I think that I am fast becoming a button addict!! Good luck with the pant how cute is it that nathaniel calls them buttballs.... that had me in stitches!!!! Kids say the best things. Have a great day...X ps. LOVE the cow slippers, since getting Lola her cow wheeliebug, I seem to be drawn to all things cow like!!!